How should you wash your hair

When I started co-washing, it was the height of a grimy, humid New York city summer. I used cleansing conditioner after long sweaty workouts, days at the beach, and encounters with my 3-year-old, who likes to lovingly stroke my head with yogurt on his hands. Impressively, cleansing conditioner got out all the grime. And no, i didn't smell! After i adjusted, that. Around week two, my scalp had a weird freakout and suddenly seemed much oilier and flakier than usual.

can describe the way my hair felt after co-washing is to say it was like second-day hair. Soft, but with a little texture (not slippery like squeaky-clean hair can be). I didn't need to use as much styling product, either. And here's something fascinating: It actually seemed wavier than before. Related: 10 reasons we love dry Shampoo. I didn't save time, i'd hoped that co-washing would cut down on my shower time, given that I was eliminating a whole step. But truthfully, it took just as long to massage the stuff into my scalp, then work it through to the ends, as it would to shampoo and condition separately. Maybe even longer, since i was being extra thorough with the scalp massage out of paranoia that I wasn't getting clean enough. I really did get clean enough.

Would i end up drowning in my own greasiness? Related: 16 hair Myths you need to asus Stop Believing. I had to relearn how to wash my hair. Once upon a time, seventeen magazine told me to lather only my scalp and condition only the length and ends of my hair. That's how i've been washing my hair ever since. So the directions on my bottle of Unwash bio-cleansing Conditioner (36, m ) freaked me out: Massage a sizable amount into the scalp, work through to the ends, and rinse. Conditioner on my scalp? Well, i am here to report that it feelsexactly like rubbing a big handful of conditioner into your scalp. But the Unwash combs through to the ends nicely (though it's not super "slippy" like some conditioners and rinses out feeling clean. When I combed my hair afterward, i was surprised that i actually had fewer tangles than with regular conditioner. I had second-day hair every day.

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I'm totally down with the whole clean-not-clean movement that's happening right now: I clean my face with oil, wash my hair hair only two or three times a week, and while i do shower every day, i don't scour myself like mad from head to toe. So the logical next step on the " no shampoo 'poo " path: co-washing, or conditioner washing, using a cleansing conditioner but no shampoo. The idea behind co-washing is that it's a gentler way to clean your scalp and hair: Without the harsh detergents found in shampoos, hair maintains its natural oils and stays healthier. It's supposed to be especially great for dry and curly hair. (In fact, many women with coarse or curly hair have been doing it for years.) And no, it's not a shampoo-plus-conditioner ; there's no lather involved at all. I decided to give cleansing conditioner a try for a month. I have thick but fine-textured hair, mostly straight (but a little wavy and slightly oily—in other words, not the ideal candidate for co-washing.

How, often, should, you wash your hair?

I go to the ladies room and satisfy myself all day long. It is a curse and I cannot stop. So please consider this when letting little boys dress. You women do not understand the addition of silky nylon against us and the sexual arousal that results from that silky material against our private parts. Like lauren, i was "imprinted". My parents had a business that required them to be away from home, from Friday. Until Mon about noon. I had a chance to be "sat" with by a neighbor.

My son dresses up with his sisters frequently. He's 9 now and has been having fun with dressing up since he was four. No big deal, just kid fun. I halflange think you need to be very cautious as far as age and what they like to wear and why! I was allowed to dress up from age 4 or so and could do so as often as I wanted. At age 8, i was still wearing sisters or moms older clothing.

Then my mother died and my Grandmother came into the scene and when she discovered my hobby she took me to the store and let hair me pick out my own clothing and lingerie. By age 13 I was dressing on a daily basis wearing nylon panties and a bra with false breasts, a nylon full slip, nylon stockings with a garter-belt if I wanted instead of pantyhose, little heels and feminine dresses with make-up and girl cut hair. My first sexual experience was while i was wearing very sexy silky panties, a petticoat and square dance dress. I remember the material of the petticoat against my nylon covered legs and panties so sexy that I got an erection and had my first orgasm and have been using my lingerie for this purpose ever since. Now at 27 I live as a female and am sexually aroused every minute of my life and bring 5 to 6 pairs of panties in my purse to work because i will soil them while at work.

How often should you wash your hair?

When he reached age 5, i told him that it was not appropriate for him to wear girls clothing. I was not angry, and I did not shame him, i told him matter of fact. I believe that we are responsible as parents to guide our children to behave the way god intended. It depends on the child's age. If you have an 8 year old then I would sit down and talk to them. But if your child is 5 or around that age then don't worry.

My cousin pretends he has a bra. He's only three and it's unlikely he has a sexual fetish at that age. I dressed up like a boy when I was little some times. Its just apart of playing. Allow him to wear girl's clothing. Maybe even encourage him. If girl's can dress like boys, there's no reason why boys can't dress like girls. Let him have his fun.

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During my first marriage i did it when cream ever my wife was gone. I would dress up as sexy as I could from panties, bra, to wearing make-up. When I got married the 2nd time vegetable my wife had her thoughts, when she asked I told yes I love dressing up as a woman. She has helped me during our 14 years of marriage. I am a straight male who just loves dressing up as a woman. I have my own black silky panties, black stockings, bras, high heel shoes along with high heel boots, my own make up wigs. So what is wrong with it? My daughter loves to see her dad dressed up as a woman even helps me also. My son also wanted to dress up in girls clothing (and his sister dressed him up as well).

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(Such as wearing girls' clothes outside or to school could get him beat.) Yes, it's unjust, but stuff happens. If his father would not understand, you can be his secret agent, covering for him in a tight spot and offering to "get away" to go shopping. He will absolutely love you for. Here are more comments and shared experiences: Don't panic and assume you have a budding transvestite or gay child. Although that's not a bad thing, just a bit of a shock to ones system. The majority of young children like to dress up as the opposite sex. It's not unusual for a boy to want to wear moms' or sisters' "stuff." It's much like the playing house scenario that all kids do at one time or another. I have been dressing up since i was 6 help from my mom one halloween, after that I did it when ever manier I could away from my parents. During my growing up years I would do it when ever I got the chance.

This is the zonder easiest way out. If he embraces the idea, wants to dress entirely and prefers being and acting like a girl, perhaps it is time to get a gender-issues professional involved to decide how to best proceed. Whatever you do, don't put distance between yourself and him or make him feel like he has done something wrong. Wanting to wear nice feeling fabrics, or wanting to dress entirely, is not something that any amount of punishment, the silent treatment, or Bible passages will cure. He will just feel guilty and despondent in private and learn not to go to you when he encounters other more important issues like sex or drugs. I learned not to confide in my parents because of their judgment over this issue and had to go-it-alone in some difficult young-adult situations as a result. In perspective, it is harmless. He just needs to keep in mind that not everyone is as open minded as you, and thus he should avoid making choices in this area that lead to difficult situations.

How Often Should you wash your hair?

The question and answer are locked and cannot be edited. In, talk to him about. Ask him why he does. Offer to help him buy clothes or to have his own so he quits stealing yours or your daughters'. If he is gaas embarrassed and doesn't really want to discuss it, it is probably a sexual thing that he would prefer to keep private, and at least he knows that you are willing to discuss it if necessary. If he is nonchalant or professes to enjoy the feeling of the fabric and such, then it is also a non-issue. He simply likes how the under-things feel, and it is unlikely to be associated with a sexual obsession if he discusses it openly in this manner.

How should you wash your hair
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